Welcome to the UNCP Secular Student Alliance! We're a community of atheists/agnostics/free-thinkers/rationalists and any other title of non-theists. We seek to clear up the misconceptions of atheism and to form a community of like minded individuals. With the number of religious organizations on campus, we're a necessity. We stand for logic and reason in order to live good, happy, and moral lives rather than dogma. We're going to be doing social things in-group as well as events around campus and work in the community via clothing and food drives! Don't believe in god/gods? Neither do we. Join us! If you do believe in a god, or many gods and wish to expand your knowledge about freethinkers feel free to join as well!

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You can join our SSA facebook page here. Though you are not required to join our facebook page as a member of the SSA, it is highly recommended. If you're thinking about joining, or just want to check us out, please feel free to look around. 

Many discussions and communication transpires through the facebook page. Though all up to date events will now be posted here in addition to facebook, you wouldn't want to miss out on our heated debates! 

Please check out the News tab!

The News Tab will include news on campus referring to the SSA but more importantly News relating to atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers everywhere. Please check the News tab actively for your current events!

Starting a Tradition

It's true that the SSA strives to create a community of like-minded individuals in order to stand up against prejudice and derail stereotypes. Though, it's also key to keep our community closely-knit and make sure to have some free time with one another. That's why we're trying to start a tradition of a board game night. This should be a weekly event, held in the study rooms in Oak Hall. Of course, as we have these events they will be posted here, as well as our facebook page. So be sure to keep an eye out, and become apart of the SSA tradition! 

Leadership Positions

If you are interested in holding a leadership position for the 2012-2013 year, then please contact Zach Kale for open positions! 

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Send our President an e-mail : zkk001@bravemail.uncp.edu
Text or give us a call : 919.333.7172

We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing!

Other Information

The Secular Student Alliance will thrive to use this website more and more, but if you have any immediate concerns or issues please contact Zach Kale through our Facebook Page. Thank you